Sen. Johnson and Republicans Defeat Democrats’ S. 1 Power Grab

[Madison, WI] – Today, Republicans in the U.S. Senate defeated S. 1, which would have granted D.C. politicians even more control over states’ elections. S. 1 sought to federalize elections, weaponize the Federal Election Commission as a partisan tool of the White House and make our elections less secure.

This far-left election takeover bill would have implemented unconstitutional federal standards mandating “national rules” the left has long desired. States would have been forced to allow ballot harvesting, grant felons the right to vote in federal elections the moment they leave prison and eviscerate commonsense state voter ID laws. Taxpayers would have also been required to bankroll campaigns they don’t agree with – mostly in states where they don’t even live.

“Wisconsinites want laws that enhance election integrity and bolster their confidence in the electoral process, not laws that dismantle commonsense provisions like photo ID, which most Americans support,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Hitt. “Thankfully, Republicans like Sen. Johnson are fighting back against Democrats’ attempts at a federal takeover of our elections.”