SHOT/CHASER: Anti-“Big Money” Mandela Barnes Begs for Help from Super PACs

[Madison, WI] – On Mandela Barnes’ campaign website, voters can read about Barnes’ disdain for “big money” in politics and “corporate special interests [that] dump millions into Super PACs to influence our elections.” On the same campaign website, Barnes also instructs Super PACs to share his talking points with “Democratic primary voters, especially those in the Milwaukee, Madison and the Green Bay media markets.”


Mandela Barnes: “I want to be clear — I’m not taking donations from corporate PACs, which means we need people like you with us. Join our movement and become a founding donor.”


Daniel Bice: Bice: New super PAC pours more than $450,000 into Senate race after Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes begs for help

Mandela Barnes has waffled on everything from defunding the police, to abolishing ICE, to court-packing. At this point, does Barnes stand for anything beyond his own self-promotion?

“Mandela Barnes has waffled on the issues since he announced his campaign for U.S. Senate,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Voters deserve a representative who will let people know where they stand.”