SHOT/CHASER: “Make It Up” Mandela Barnes Flip-Flops on Immigration, Ditches Biden

[Madison, WI] – Being honest with voters is hard for far-left candidates running in purple states.



At one point, Barnes “needed” an “Abolish ICE” shirt from the Democratic Socialists of America, but he’s now come to the election year realization that he cares about border security.

His rationale? Barnes said that he doesn’t want to lift Title 42 “simply because there’s not a detailed plan in place so that we can keep asylum seekers and people in the country safe.” This word salad response will remind voters of his “no one slogan can capture all the work we have to do” explanation for his “Abolish ICE” backtrack.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that most Democrats have figured out that agreeing with the ever-unpopular Joe Biden on anything won’t help them win support – although someone should remind Tony Evers.

“Mandela Barnes has waffled on everything from supporting law enforcement to border security,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “At this point, it’s questionable whether Barnes knows where he stands on the issues.”