Who is Bank-Rolling Wisconsin Democrats?

Coastal elites, Out-of-State Mega-Donors are Bankrolling the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Efforts to Trample Over Midwestern Values

[Madison, WI] – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is relying on millions of dollars from out-of-state and coastal elites to fund their efforts in the state of Wisconsin because they know that Wisconsinites don’t support their radical agenda. 

Nearly 90% of the DPW’s donors were out-of-state donors and nearly 95% of the DPW’s total money raised came from donations of $10,000 or more. 

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s biggest donor during the latest reporting period is Democrat Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker. Governor Pritzker and his family were recently caught violating his own shelter in place order by traveling to one of his residences in Wisconsin. Apparently, it only costs a $2.5 million donation to Wisconsin State Democrats to stay in their good graces if you want to travel under their draconian shelter in place orders. 

“What’s clear in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s latest fundraising numbers is they know they can’t rely on the financial support from Wisconsinites to fund campaigns for their radical agenda,” said Andrew Hitt, Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Wisconsin Democrats are moving further away from the midwestern values that Wisconsinites hold dear and are cozying up to out-of-state liberals and their cash.”