Thanking First Responders in the Face of Violent Attacks

[Madison, WI] – In the last two weeks, Wisconsin’s first responders have stepped up to keep our communities safe in the face of violent attacks from left-wing protestors. After the second visit by a presidential candidate this week, Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Hitt released the following statement: 

“I want to thank the police officers, firefighters, National Guard members, EMTs and other first responders who have stepped up during these stressful two weeks. Even in the face of physical and verbal attacks from violent protests they continue to serve admirably. They have dealt with a summer of unrest, had disgusting items thrown at them, faced despicable verbal assaults, and all the while continued in their mission to keep our communities safe. 

“Too often we ignore the stress of these jobs and the impact that has on the men and women who risk their lives to serve their communities. In the last week, the Milwaukee Police family has mourned the tragic loss of current and former police officers who took their own lives. 

“There are very real consequences from the violence that’s occurring in major cities around the country. The physical damage is alarming and we all notice it. But the other damage that follows as our police and communities try to recover could be felt for decades to come. Today, I’m thankful for these public servants who are willing to put everything on the line for us.”