Then And Now: Tony Evers’ Words on Kenosha

[Kenosha, WI] – Two years ago, Tony Evers fanned the flames of violence in Kenosha – resulting in mass rioting, looting, and destruction to the community. Then and now, Tony Evers has inflamed tensions, vilified law enforcement, and refused to acknowledge that his inaction caused the city to burn.

Tony Evers then:

Tony Evers now:

Yesterday, Tim Michels, Eric Toney, and Congressman Bryan Steil met with local law enforcement, business owners, and community leaders who suffered from the violence – showing more leadership than the sitting governor, who called the event “stupid” and didn’t acknowledge the anniversary until a 5:00 PM tweet.

“The people of Kenosha don’t think the mob violence that destroyed their community is a ‘dead issue,’” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Mark Jefferson. “We need Tim Michels’ real leadership to keep Wisconsinites safe – not Tony Evers, who will always stand down and cave to the fringe-left.”