What They’re Saying About Biden’s Student Loan Bailout

This week, President Biden announced he will cancel $10,000 of student debt, which will cost taxpayers about $300 billion. In his latest failed attempt to win over voters before November, national outlets are weighing in on the matter:


  • Wall Street Journal: “Worse than the cost is the moral hazard and awful precedent this sets. Those who will pay for this write-off are the tens of millions of Americans who didn’t go to college, or repaid their debt, or skimped and saved to pay for college, or chose lower-cost schools to avoid a debt trap. This is a college graduate bailout paid for by plumbers and FedEx drivers.”
  • Washington Post: “Mr. Biden’s student loan decision will not do enough to help the most vulnerable Americans. It will, however, provide a windfall for those who don’t need it — with American taxpayers footing the bill.”
  • National Review: “The U.S. president is not an omnipotent genie placed behind the Resolute desk to grant partisan wishes by the stroke of his pen.”
  • Axios: “When it comes to Biden’s student loan plan, Republican senators from Mitt Romney to Josh Hawley are united in opposition. But many Democrats facing the toughest re-election campaigns are at best lukewarm about the emerging plan.”


President Biden’s decision today will spike inflation by transferring student loan debt from borrowers to hardworking taxpayers in Wisconsin, two-thirds of whom do not have college degrees. Given Barnes’ track record when it comes to paying what he owes – whether that’s parking tickets or property taxes – and his support from socialist groups, there should be no doubt that Barnes supports this decision.


“As the tax-and-spend Democrat he is, bailing out wealthy college degree holders at the expense of working Wisconsin taxpayers is right up Barnes’ alley. This bailout proves that Democrats are the party of the elite.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella