Tony Evers and Josh Kaul Turn a Blind Eye to Election Integrity

[Madison, WI] – Tony Evers is shamefully joining Josh Kaul in turning a blind eye to election integrity concerns — despite the bombshell evidence of voter fraud in nursing homes brought forward by the Racine County Sheriff’s Department last week.

Earlier this week, Dan O’Donnell reported that Josh Kaul is dismissing legitimate allegations of fraud as “not an issue of statewide concern” — yet his staff at the DOJ’s Division of Criminal Investigation disagree and want to launch a statewide investigation. According to one source, “agents at DCI are more than willing to work election fraud investigations,” and the Racine County allegations could fall under the purview of elder abuse cases that the department is already investigating.

Meanwhile, Tony Evers is joining Kaul in putting his head in the sand, falsely stating that the Wisconsin Elections Commission “broke no laws” by telling nursing home staff to commit a felony — potentially allowing bad actors to take advantage of our state’s most vulnerable citizens.

“Tony Evers and Josh Kaul need to stop playing politics with voter confidence and work with Republicans to ensure that our elections are free, fair, and secure,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Mark Jefferson.