Tony Evers: Expanding Government That Doesn’t Work

[Madison, WI] – It’s no secret that Tony Evers wants bigger government. Last week, in conjunction with a “clean energy” proposal that claims to “lower energy bills and prices at the pump” by imposing a “transition” to electric cars, Evers announced a new taxpayer-funded office for “environmental justice.” 

This comes after three years of proposals that empower big government bureaucrats, including $1 billion in tax hikes, government-run health care, “equity officers” at state agencies, and fossil fuel penalties. Yet Tony Evers’ government doesn’t work as it is:

  • Over two years since the onset of COVID, Evers’ Department of Workforce Development is still failing to get unemployed Wisconsinites the benefits they were promised. At one point, over 100,000 people were caught in the backlog.
  • Evers’ dysfunctional state licensing agency is forcing Wisconsinites into a disaster area of “lost paperwork, failure to return calls, [and] incomprehensible bureaucratic hoops and hurdles” in order to do their jobs.
  • The DOJ crime lab has become less efficient under Tony Evers and Josh Kaul despite taking in fewer cases.
  • Evers’ administration undercounted 1,000 COVID deaths in long-term care facilities.
  • Evers failed to get food assistance to thousands of children on free lunches while schools were closed.

“Longtime bureaucrat Tony Evers’ ‘the bigger the better’ approach to government has been an abysmal failure,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Power belongs with the people – not big government bureaucrats.”