Tony Evers Small Business Apology Tour

Tony Evers has been touring the state recently, stopping at small businesses and handing out more campaign cash, as he pretends to show an ounce of concern.  

“If Tony Evers cared about the well-being of small businesses, he would never have locked them down so long or continually forced them to require masks and hurt their bottom lines.  It forced many to close their doors for good,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Mark Jefferson. 

 By calling small businesses “non-essential”, Evers effectively delivered a kiss of death that saw many close their doors for good

 Tony Evers cares so little about small businesses, he tried to increase taxes on manufacturers and and even tried to tax small businesses on federal COVID loans. After devastating restaurants with his COVID policies, he was forced to sign a bill throwing them a lifeline, that was too late for some of them. 

 “The backtracking he’s done over the past few months of the campaign, trying to win back favor of small businesses he’s hurt, shows the continued desperation of his campaign,” said Jefferson.