Tony Evers’ DPI Promotes Trans Ideology to Preschoolers

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is promoting transgender curriculum to preschoolers in the state. Let that sink in for a moment … children as young as three years old are being given reading materials and watching videos about being transgender. 

The Daily Caller broke the news this week and not surprisingly, Governor Tony Evers, who likes to call himself the ‘education governor’ has been silent on the issue of whether he supports his DPI and its push to indoctrinate preschoolers with woke ideology. Evers hasn’t appeared in public since the story came out, likely so he doesn’t have to answer questions about why he isn’t putting more focus on the core issues of reading, writing and math and whether he supports this DPI push. Though, his silence on the matter is telling. 

The fact that he is allowing our tax dollars to be used to push this on our children is appalling. 

In stark contrast, Tim Michels has a plan to put the focus back on the basics and to put parents back in charge of what their kids are learning in school.