Two Years Into Crime Spike, Tony Evers Pretends to Care About Public Safety

[Madison, WI] – Today, Tony Evers dipped into his taxpayer-funded re-election slush fund, pretending to care about public safety by vaguely designating ARPA funds in support of “violence prevention.”  After a year of historic crime, with Milwaukee and Madison nearly topping the nation in homicides and Josh Kaul’s botched DOJ crime lab failing in key areas, Evers’ strategy to throw federal money at the problem is too little, too late.

Just this week, law enforcement warned of the drastic impact that Milwaukee’s planned officer cuts will have on public safety. As far-left liberals continue to vilify law enforcement and Evers’ own press conference was interrupted by a drive-by shooting, police departments are struggling to keep officers on board, and response times to important calls have increased by 36 percent

To make matters worse, Democrats like Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes have spent their careers emboldening criminals rather than prioritizing public safety. Evers even vetoed a bill that would have prevented cities from defunding the police. Wisconsinites need new leadership that will take violence prevention seriously.

“Tony Evers has had two years to combat a historic crime wave, but instead he emboldened criminals and allowed cities to defund the police,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Transparent attempts to do damage control right before his re-election year are too-little, too late.”