On National Farmers Day, Democrats’ Ag Policies Plant Seeds of Doubt for Rural Voters

[Madison, WI] – Today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin joins the nation in celebrating National Farmers Day as we honor the hardworking men and women in agriculture who feed our country. While Republicans stand up for farmers and rural communities, Democrats seek to dismantle rural Wisconsinites’ way of life — leading to a widespread shift of rural Americans away from the Democrat Party.

While the Democrats try to court rural voters via awkward Zoom calls, their actions reflect their abandonment of rural Americans in favor of appeasing liberal elites in Madison:

  • Tony Evers tried to raise taxes on farmers and manufacturers, impose a far-left environmental agenda that would place more red tape on agriculture, and uses his office to side with liberal environmental activists instead of Wisconsin farmers on the wolf hunt
  • Mandela Barnes and Tony Evers’ climate task force proposed a carbon tax that would hike energy and transportation costs for farmers
  • Josh Kaul continues to ignore crime spikes across the state while targeting law-abiding gun owners
  • Joe Biden pulled a bizarre bait-and-switch on farmers in his summer visit to Wisconsin, shifting the focus of his trip to electric city buses in the rural third congressional district, and continues to push a backdoor death tax that would prevent family farmers from passing their legacy to the next generation

“Democrats’ policies kowtow to liberal elites while leaving rural communities in the dust,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “While Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul, and Joe Biden continue to push their gun grabs and radical environmental proposals that would crush rural Wisconsinites’ way of life, Republicans will always stand up for the hardworking farmers who feed our nation.”