Getting Wisconsin Back to Work

  • Wisconsin’s Republican congressional delegation sent a letter to Tony Evers asking him to get government out of the way of allowing small businesses to return to normalcy.
  • Local business owners and 50 Chambers of Commerce from across the state have also called on Tony Evers to get unemployed Wisconsinites off of the sidelines as businesses continue to suffer from labor shortages.
    • They have asked Tony Evers to join the 21 other governors who have opted out of the additional $300 weekly federal unemployment benefit.
    • These benefits are stifling small businesses’ ability to fill job vacancies and fully recover from the impact of COVID-19.
    • Businesses now have to compete with unemployment benefits. Stopping the payments will incentivize Wisconsinites to reenter the workforce and curb the labor shortage.
  • Despite small business owners’ cries for help, Tony Evers is threatening to make their problems worse.
    • Evers did enough damage with his costly lockdowns that hit Main Street the hardest. It’s time for him to do what’s right and help local economies recover.
    • According to the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty, up to 11 percent of Wisconsin’s workforce can make more on unemployment than the private sector.
    • After Tony Evers kept businesses locked down during the onset of the pandemic, it is his responsibility to ensure that Wisconsin businesses are able to return to normalcy.

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