What Is Tony Evers’ Record?

[Madison, WI] – This weekend, Tony Evers underwhelmingly announced his re-election bid. Because he had no accomplishments to highlight, Tony Evers used his announcement to continue the same strategy he has employed throughout his entire tenure as governor — blame Republicans while offering no vision or solutions to correct the vast problems within his administration. Since Evers glossed over his actual record during his speech, here is what he left out:

Proposed tax hikes following a pandemic

In his proposed state budget, Tony Evers attempted to hike taxes by $1 billion in order to pay for a slew of far left policy items, including an “Office of Environmental Justice,” “equity officers” at state agencies, a rollback of Governor Walker’s cost-saving Act 10 reforms and government-run health care. Asking Wisconsnites to pay for such divisive policy proposals following a pandemic and extended lockdowns could not be more out-of-touch.

Absent leadership in Kenosha

When violent riots destroyed nearly 40 small businesses in Kenosha, Tony Evers turned down President Trump’s offer for federal help. It took four days for Evers to make the two-hour drive from Madison and survey the damage, which his administration blamed on the pandemic. Even Kenosha Democrats “hold him responsible for the destruction.”

No plan to reopen schools

Tony Evers calls himself an “education governor,” but when Wisconsin students were struggling under virtual learning, Tony Evers refused to help. While governors in other states called to get students back in the classroom, Evers kowtowed to his teachers union donors and refused to lead.

1,000 deaths undercounted in long-term care facilities

It took the Evers administration months to count 1,000 deaths in Wisconsin long-term care facilities. While governors in states with similar issues immediately launched investigations into what caused delays, Evers ignored Republicans’ calls for an investigation. How many lives were lost and how many resources were diverted as a result of Evers’ incompetence and disregard for the lives of Wisconsin’s most vulnerable citizens?

100,000 unemployment claims caught in the backlog

As Tony Evers pointed fingers while shirking his responsibilities throughout his COVID response, at one point 100,000 unemployment claims were caught in the backlog after Evers locked down our economy without a plan to address the imminent spike in unemployment.

“Tony Evers has accomplished nothing in three years as governor, so he could only try to make his re-election announcement about Republicans,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Evers can only offer Wisconsinites a record of failure and absent leadership.”