Senate Republicans Pass Bills to Defend Election Integrity, Voter ID Laws

[Madison, WI] – Today, Republicans in the Wisconsin State Senate acted on a set of bills that will strengthen photo ID protections as part of the party’s ongoing efforts to ensure that all Wisconsinites can have confidence in our elections.

After clerks in Dane and Milwaukee counties told residents to illegally use indefinite confinement as a way to avoid the state’s photo ID requirement ahead of the 2020 spring election, the number of “indefinitely confined” voters ballooned from over 50,000 on March 1, 2020 to nearly 250,000 by Election Day in November. As a result, voters were able to circumvent commonsense voter ID laws, which a majority of Americans support.

“Most Americans support photo ID requirements because they are a commonsense way to ensure that our elections are secure, transparent and that every voter only votes once,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Hitt. “We commend Republicans in the Legislature for leading the way on election integrity so that all Wisconsinites can have confidence in our electoral process.”