What They’re Saying: Bidenflation Hits Wisconsin

[Madison, WI] – Wisconsinites are grappling with the costly impact of Bidenflation. While Democrats continue to push even more tax-and-spend policies that would only exacerbate the problem, Wisconsin families are already struggling to keep up with rising prices on everyday goods — with total costs amounting to an extra $175 a month per household. As inflation crushes sectors from energy to agriculture, the Joe Biden economy is failing Wisconsin families.

Check out what they’re saying on how Bidenflation is hurting Wisconsin:

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Wisconsin gas prices hit 7-year high

Wisconsin drivers are feeling more pain at the pump, as gas prices have hit their highest level in seven years.

The average price for regular unleaded gasoline went up 8 cents over the past week in Wisconsin, rising from $3.02 to $3.10 per gallon. Saturday’s state average of $3.11 was the highest daily average since October 2014, according to AAA.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Heating bills will jump as much as 54% this winter compared to last year, federal forecast says

Wisconsin Public Service Corp., which along with We Energies is owned by WEC Energy Group, said the typical residential customer will pay $40 more a month this winter compared to last winter, assuming average weather conditions…

“How bad this winter is for customers’ pocketbooks will mainly be a function of the price of the natural gas but also how severe of a chill hits after the warm weather,” said Tom Content, executive director of the Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin. “But the forecasts this week definitely mean Wisconsinites should brace for higher costs.”

Ag Web: Inflation, Increasing Input Costs and Lack of Labor: The Trifecta of Pressures Weighing on U.S. Dairy Producers

A year later, investments like the one on Crave’s farm are coming at an even higher cost, as is nearly every other input on dairy farms.

“The biggest one that I worry about, though, is inflation. The cost of goods, fertilizer this coming spring, seed, machinery, parts repairs; everything is going up, even fuel,” adds Crave. “We’ve had a respectable milk price this last year. But inflation is gouging into that.”

WXPR: Analysis: WI Residents Priced Out of Prescription Drug Market

AARP’s latest RX Price Watch Report says between 2015 and 2019, the average annual cost of prescription drugs increased by more than 26%, while the average income for Wisconsinites rose by nearly 14%.

AARP Wisconsin’s Advocacy Director Lisa Lamkins said it’s becoming too difficult for people who need medications to absorb these costs.

“Older Wisconsinites are feeling the pinch of inflation in the grocery stores and at the pump,” said Lamkins. “And unfortunately, they’re feeling it even more when they go to the pharmacy to pick up their prescription drugs.”

WTMJ: Pick ‘n Save, Metro Market to raise prices due to inflation, CFO says

The owner of Pick ‘n Save and Metro Market stores said they plan on raising prices this year, in response to inflation…

“We are passing along higher costs to the customer where it makes sense to do so,” said Millerchip. “We’ve been very comfortable with our ability to pass on the increases that we’ve seen at this point, and we would expect that to continue to be the case looking into the back half of the year.”