WisGOP Statement on the Freedom to “Cheat” Act

[Madison, WI] – Following the U.S. Senate vote on the Freedom to “Cheat” Act, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Paul Farrow:

“Wisconsinites want election integrity, not a federal takeover of our elections. While Tammy Baldwin confirmed her loyalty to coastal liberals with today’s Freedom to ‘Cheat’ vote, we thank Senator Johnson for standing up for election integrity and rejecting Democrats’ dishonest attempt to seize control and slant elections in their favor.” 


  • Democrats claimed that their bill is about safeguarding democracy, but it was really a radical power grab over state-run elections. If passed, the bill would have:
    • Eviscerate commonsense state voter ID laws in Wisconsin.
    • Strip individual states of the ability to draw their Congressional districts as they see fit, with the federal government instead imposing mandates for how districts are drawn.
    • Gift taxpayer dollars to the campaigns of career politicians.
  • By a wide margin, Americans support commonsense reforms to secure elections.
    • Support for voter ID laws has risen 13% among Black Americans and stands at 81% among all voters. 
    • 68% of voters believe that state legislatures should decide the voting rules and regulations for their state, not the federal government.