Wisconsin Democrat “Convention” Preview

What (Not) To Look For In This Weekend’s 2021 Democrat “Convention”

[Madison, WI] – This weekend, the Democrat Party of Wisconsin will host their virtual state “convention” as they attempt to feign enthusiasm over Democrats’ disappointing elected officials and their failed records. Here is what this evening’s speakers are likely to gloss over during their glorified Zoom call:

Joe Biden’s failed first months in office

After making empty promises to unite Americans, Joe Biden’s first months in the White House have been nothing short of a disaster. From skyrocketing gas prices, high inflation and a crisis at the border that he refuses to address, Wisconsin families are suffering at the hand’s of Joe Biden’s failed leadership.

Julian Castro’s pro-court packing agenda

After failed Democrat primary candidate Julian Castro said during a Democrat debate that he did not support court packing, he later flip-flopped and said that “we need to be open to considering… adding more justices.” Does the Democrat Party of Wisconsin agree with Castro and his support of court packing, which would fundamentally damage the institution of our nation’s highest court?

Tony Evers’ botched COVID response

Tony Evers’ three years in office can be summed up as absent leadership. At the onset of the pandemic, Evers enacted costly lockdowns with no plan to address the predictable increase in unemployment claims, resulting in over 100,000 claims in backlog. Meanwhile, the Evers administration also undercounted 1,000 deaths in long-term care facilities, sent the parents of hungry children to voicemail, and refused to lead on reopening schools despite the scientific consensus. Now, he has no plan to address Wisconsin’s labor shortage while tax paying business owners are begging him to act.

Ron Kind’s ongoing massage parlor controversy 

The headlines continue to pile against Ron Kind, who continues to face controversy surrounding his link to a massage parlor that advertises on websites known for spas that provide illicit sex. Meanwhile, as residents of the third congressional district demand answers about Kind’s potential ties to a human trafficking operation, he continues to dodge his constituents’ questions and even dismiss their concerns as racist.

Josh Kaul’s workplace discrimination investigation

Josh Kaul still refuses to release the results of the investigation into his agency’s work environment, which has been completed since May 2020, after a respected employee came forward with her story of discrimination and harassment at Kaul’s DOJ. 

Mandela Barnes’ continued struggles with attention to detail

Mandela Barnes has struggled with attention to detail since 2019 when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that he was delinquent on his property taxes. Most recently, his campaign violated campaign finance law. As Barnes continues to fail to adhere to our state’s most basic laws, he also continues to show Wisconsinites why he should not be in a position of public trust.

Tammy Baldwin’s wasteful spending tour

For the past several weeks Tammy Baldwin has served as official spokesperson for wasteful spending as she tours the state trying to deceive Wisconsinites into supporting Biden’s $1.9 trillion “infrastructure” plan — only 7 percent of which supports projects like airports, roads, bridges, and ports. Meanwhile, the Biden proposal also includes billions of dollars for far left priorities, such as $174 billion to subsidize the electric vehicle industry.