Wisconsin Democrats Veer Left on the Filibuster

[Madison, WI] – In their quest to outshine one another as the most far-left liberal of the bunch, Wisconsin Democrats can agree on one thing: they want to abolish the filibuster to ram their far-left priorities through the U.S. Senate without opposition.

Some of their latest takes include:

  • “Defund the police” ally Mandela Barnes called the filibuster a “weapon” in his new campaign platform that looks more like a liberal wishlist – but in an interview about the plan couldn’t make up his mind about whether the filibuster or Joe Biden were to blame for Senate Democrats’ policy woes.
  • New York trust fund baby Alex Lasry justified his position on abolishing the filibuster with the argument that “if your party wins, you get to do what you want.”
  • Serial resume embellisher and non-voter Sarah Godlewski said that the filibuster “drives conflict.”

DC Democrats have quickly abandoned their principles and changed their stance on the filibuster now that it’s politically convenient, even after they used the process to block legislation ranging from Senator Tim Scott’s police reform bill to COVID-19 relief as recently as 2020. It’s no surprise that Wisconsin Democrats are following suit.

“Wisconsin Democrats want to abolish the filibuster because they want to work for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi – not the people of the Badger State,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly.