WisGOP Files Complaint Against Stevens Point Clerk

MADISON, Wis. — Today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission against Stevens Point City Clerk Kari Yenter for her unlawful imposition of additional qualifications and disclosures for prospective poll workers.

Clerk Yenter is attempting to require Republican poll workers to provide her access to irrelevant personal information that includes, among other things, the names of their employers, Select Service Registrations, college and high school transcripts, their financial institutions, and even their credit scores prior to being appointed as poll workers. 

The requirements implemented by Clerk Yenter blatantly violate Wisconsin state law. The only requirements necessary to serve as a poll worker are to be a qualified voter, understand English and the election laws of the state. The Stevens Point process also adds additional burdens on the Republican Party in submitting their nominees who are statutorily required to be appointed by the City. 

The Republican Party of Wisconsin demands that Clerk Yenter and the City of Stevens Point cease its illegal standards and abide by the laws that govern our elections. 

“Election integrity is essential to the preservation of freedom, and we should be encouraging people to become involved in the process.  The Clerk’s actions in Stevens Point not only discourages citizens from participating in democracy, it’s a blatant violation of the law.” — WisGOP Executive Director Mark Jefferson

RPW Complaint, Wisconsin Elections Commission, 10.30.23