Democrats Gloat Tweet While Working Families Suffer

MADISON, Wis. — One might assume that Wisconsin Democrats would realize just how disastrous Bidenomics and Baldwinflation have been for working families. With prices rising, wages falling, and debt soaring, you would hope some level of self-awareness would be in order.

Nope. Instead of recognizing the disaster they caused, Wisconsin Democrats are popping champagne.

Even Marie Antoinette would blush at this haughty arrogance of Democrat elitism.

Quarterly GDP numbers don’t put a roof over Wisconsinites’ heads, pay their bills, or help them save for retirement. When it comes to the metrics that make or break working households, Bidenomics and Baldwinflation are destroying the American dream and making it impossible to get ahead.


  • Under the Biden Administration, prices have skyrocketed for everyday families. The cost of gas is up by 63%, car utilities by 26%, food prices by 20%, and the median price of rent by 25%
  • American households have suffered a $4,200 decline in income under Joe Biden. Compare that to the $4,000 increase they enjoyed under the previous Republican administration.
  • Credit card debt has skyrocketed as Americans have been forced to borrow more to get by. Despite soaring interest rates, credit balances hit a record $963 billion in Q2 of this year.

“An Economy That Works.”

Is it any wonder that voters overwhelmingly trust Republicans (49%) over Democrats (28%) when it comes to their financial wellbeing and security?

“Nobody is buying the Democrats’ Bidenomics agenda because literally no one can afford it in this economy. Republicans are focused on delivering an economy that works for Wisconsin families – not trumpeting meaningless data points.” —WisGOP Spokesperson Matt Fisher