WisGOP Invests in Local Candidates

MADISON, Wis. –With municipal elections only four days away, the Republican Party of Wisconsin has made it a top priority to prepare and support local candidates for public office. Since September of last year, the RPW has hosted 29 Farm Team Trainings for prospective local candidates to learn the ins and outs of campaigning from campaign managers, strategists, and organizers.

“Since 2021, RPW has offered crucial resources to local parties and candidates for nonpartisan municipal elections,” said WisGOP Chairman Brian Schimming. “It is our goal to partner with county parties across Wisconsin to elevate their candidates and grow their bench of Farm Team leaders in communities through effective and detailed training covering all aspects of local politics.” 

Launched in 2021 to improve support for local candidates, the Farm Team Program has been a major contributing factor to conservative wins in municipal elections. “Prior to the RPW Farm Team Program, our county did not have an organized effort to support local candidates,” said Chairman of the Republican Party of Portage County Brian Cychosz. “The training and resources from RPW were critical in turning our county board conservative and electing a conservative county executive by 13 votes in a blue county. This would not have happened without the RPW investing in our local candidates.” 

The Farm Team Trainings have expanded over the last three years. In Winnebago County, 40 potential candidates for City Council, School Board, County Supervisor and Circuit Court elections participated in the training sessions. “RPW’s Farm Team Program has been an invaluable resource for Winnebago County Republican Party’s goal of recruiting, training, and supporting candidates running for local office,” said Winnebago County Republican Party Campaign Chair George Bureau. “RPW has been there every step of the way in providing candidate training, data, walk books for door knocking, templates for candidates, and the Bank Your Vote initiative—answering questions at all hours of the day and weekend. They have been a great ally as we work together to win the most consequential elections in our lifetime.”