WisGOP Launches Bracket Featuring Sen. Baldwin’s “Unsweet 16” Big Donors

MADISON, Wis. – On the day the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 tips off, the Republican Party of Wisconsin launched a digital series highlighting Sen. Baldwin’s “UnSweet 16” donors.

The 16 donors are divided into the Big Donor, Special Interests, DC Lobbyists, and Out-of-Touch Leftists regions — each representative of constituencies Sen. Baldwin has catered to throughout her nearly 40 years as a career politician.

The first bracket was revealed on Thursday, featuring the “Big Donor” region of LinkedIn Founder and Epstein Island guest Reid Hoffman, scandal-plagued Bill Gates, FTX fraudster Nishad Singh, and liberal megadonor Karla Jurvetson.

“Sen. Baldwin has spent her entire adult life as a career politician catering to big donors and special interests while rubber-stamping the policies that have thrown open our borders and are bankrupting the country. That’s Madness.” – WisGOP Spokesperson Matt Fisher

The first bracket was unveiled here, and future brackets can be found at the RPW’s X page in the coming days.