WisGOP Statement Commemorating Juneteenth

[Milwaukee, WI] – In honor of Juneteenth, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Gerard Randall, Chair of the African American Council of the Republican Party of Wisconsin:

“Today as we commemorate Juneteenth we remember the fulfillment of the American promise that all men are created equal and the countless sacrifices made to achieve liberty. In honor of this, we must continue our work to expand opportunity and support the God-given rights of all Americans.

“While Juneteenth is certainly a time for celebration and remembrance, it is also a time to thank the men and women who have bravely acted as catalysts for change. As the Party of Abraham Lincoln, founded right here in Wisconsin, we have a unique appreciation for historic figures who have championed civil rights and moved America forward. Today, we continue to push reforms that advance our state and Nation.

“The Republican Party of Wisconsin fights for freedom and opportunity for all Wisconsinites. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live their version of the American Dream. By working together, we have made great progress, and we must continue that work to ensure Wisconsin is the best place in America to live, work, and raise a family.”