WisGOP Statement on Anniversary of Kenosha Riots

[Kenosha, WI] – Today marks the second anniversary of the beginning of the 2020 Kenosha riots, which caused damage to over 100 local businesses and $50 million in destruction. Despite the horrific results of his inaction, Tony Evers claimed that he had “no regrets” over his response.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Paul Farrow:

“Two years ago, the community of Kenosha was rocked by mob violence enabled by Tony Evers’ failed leadership. When the people of Kenosha needed a steady hand, Evers answered by playing politics, inflaming tensions, blaming law enforcement, and refusing federal help while the city burned. Wisconsinites deserve a governor who will keep them safe – not cave to the fringe-left and fan the flames of violence.”