WisGOP to Open New Regional Field Office in Waukesha

MADISON, Wis. – The Republican Party of Wisconsin announced Tuesday it will open a new South East Regional field office at 1701 Pearl Street, #5-0 in Waukesha. This office will serve as a hub for the state party, the Hovde campaign, the Wisconsin Federation of Young Republicans, and Republican candidates up and down the ballot

Wisconsin Young Republicans Chairman Kyle Schroeder praised the decision to open a regional field office in Waukesha. “Joe Biden and Tammy Baldwin’s failure to lead has sent our country and our state into a tailspin and young people have been the ones most affected by Democrats being asleep at the wheel,” Schroeder said. “That is why the Wisconsin Young Republicans are excited to open this office in Waukesha, to grow our movement and deliver the Republican message across Southeast Wisconsin to stop the madness the left continues to cause.” 

This new office is just one of 30 facilities across Wisconsin that will be opened by early June. “We’ve already been staffing up and building our local organizations across the state,” WisGOP Chairman Brian Schimming said. “This will be one of several steps in our growth, including additional local offices and staff, as we work to win Wisconsin.” 

A grand opening event for the Waukesha field office and an on-site “Volunteers for Victory Rally” are set for early June.