K-Street Tammy Can’t Mask Big Pharma Ties

MADISON, Wis. – You can always count on a consummate Washington insider and career politician like Tammy Baldwin to cast stones from a glass house.

In her latest attempt to distract voters from her tireless devotion to the failed Biden-Harris agenda, Tammy Baldwin is attempting to portray herself as a champion for Wisconsin seniors.

Unfortunately for Baldwin, her latest pitch cannot outrun the revolving door in her office to Big Pharma lobbyists.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/19/23:

“Records show that 24 staff employees for the state’s junior senator have either come from or gone into the lobbying business, some in the industries Baldwin has specifically warned against, including the pharmaceutical industry and the financial sector… 

“Just after serving as a legislative director for Baldwin, Elizabeth Pika Sharp went to work in government affairs for Advanced Medical Technology Association as a lobbyist. While there, her group lobbied in 2013 against a sales tax on medical device supplies to fund Obamacare, a measure Baldwin opposed. Senator Baldwin voted alongside a bipartisan group of 79 senators to repeal the tax.”

The fact is Baldwin’s voting record reflects a subservience to the interests of her former staffers turned Big Pharma lobbyists and not the residents of Wisconsin.

Whether it be her former legislative director or her former general counsel Rebecca Branum landing a gig at the government relations firm Cavarocchi Ruscio Dennis Associates, Tammy Baldwin’s history demonstrates her top priority is servicing K-Street at the expense of Wisconsinites.

Bottom Line: The only thing “senior” that has benefited from Tammy Baldwin are the senior executives at Big Pharma and lobbying firms who have filled their offices with her former staff.