Baldwin Chooses Woke over Wisconsin Parents

MADISON, Wis. –Tammy Baldwin just chose Woke over Wisconsin parents.

They say money speaks louder than words. The latest release of congressionally directed spending items reveals Tammy Baldwin cares more about bankrolling extreme special interest groups than defending the rights of mothers and fathers. It turns out that Senator Baldwin set aside $400,000 of taxpayer money for the organization Briarpatch Youth Services.

Briarpatch proudly boasts of its disregard for parental rights. Rather than involve mothers and fathers in decisions concerning the health of their child, Briarpatch encourages minors to join their organization without informing their parents. Briarpatch also offers chest binders and tucking swimwear to youth without notifying parents or legal guardians. 

This marks the latest in Baldwin’s long history of rejecting common sense policies and instead elevating the most radical elements of her base to the public’s dismay. 

“Wisconsinites deserve a senator who will empower parents instead of special interest groups. Time and time again, Tammy Baldwin has failed that test by prioritizing extremist ideologies over parental rights.” —WisGOP Spokesperson Matt Fisher