WisGOP Statement on Evers’ Delayed Request to Wisconsin Parole Commission

[Madison, WI] – This week, Tony Evers has faced increased pressure and refused to answer questions on the decision by his Wisconsin Parole Board Chairman, John Tate, to parole a convicted murderer who who served less than 25 years of his 80-year sentence. This comes after Evers also dodged questions on whether he planned to fire John Chisholm and ultimately refused to hold him accountable.

Following Tony Evers’ delayed request for his chairman to reverse the decision, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Paul Farrow:

“It looks like Governor Evers still wants to make good on his plans to cut in half the state’s prison population. It shouldn’t have taken widespread public outrage for Tony Evers to finally consider doing the right thing, but Evers simply hasn’t taken public safety seriously and has given criminals more consideration than victims. Tate’s decision is just a reflection of Evers’ consistent soft-on-crime policies.”