The cold hard truth of the Biden-Baldwin agenda

MADISON, Wis. — This weekend, the Wisconsin Democrats will meet in Green Bay for their annual state convention. As Democrats gather to pat themselves on the back for Biden and Baldwin’s failures, Wisconsin residents are stuck holding the bag.

The Wisconsin Democrat agenda is simply out of touch, and their failures have only made problems worse.

Under the Biden-Baldwin agenda, Wisconsin has seen a string of crises: 40-year high inflation, wages decline, record high gas and energy prices, Biden beg foreign nations for oil, a botched Afghanistan withdraw, supply chain crises, a border in chaos, steep rent increases, skyrocketing crime, and declining test scores.

No matter what Wisconsin Democrats try to sell this weekend, Wisconsin voters won’t buy it.

The cold hard truth (of the Biden-Baldwin agenda):

While Wisconsin Democrats’ can applaud the Biden and Evers’ administrations, along with Wisconsin’s far-left members of Congress, all they want this weekend, it won’t change voters’ reaction toward the Democrats’ record of failure.”

“The Wisconsin Democrats convention represents their latest attempt to spin their way out of the failed records of Joe Biden, Tammy Baldwin, and their party’s state leadership. Wisconsinites do not care about their liberal wishlist, but do care about an economy on the brink while Democrats continue to pursue spending hikes and giveaways,” said WisGOP Chairman Brian Schimming. “Wisconsin Democrats are eager to hand state taxpayers the bill for massive spending on the federal and state levels while Wisconsin Republicans are working tirelessly to create responsible budgets and cut back on outrageous government spending.”