Pocan and Moore: Hypocrisy at its Best

MADISON, Wis. — Recently, Wisconsinites were rolling their eyes at the latest hyperbolic rants from two of Wisconsin’s most ineffective members of Congress, Democrats Gwen Moore and Mark Pocan:

Last week, Mark Pocan and Gwen Moore were quick to turn on the theatrics — disingenuously screeching at Congressmen Bryan Steil and Derrick Van Orden for “allowing the GOP leadership to adjourn without a debt limit deal” in place.

This week, both voted AGAINST the bipartisan deal!

Unsurprisingly, Moore and Pocan didn’t dare point fingers at Joe Biden for refusing to take responsibility — Republicans looked to negotiate with Biden beginning on January 12 — who spent months avoiding debt limit negotiations. In case the Democrats forgot, Republicans first passed a debt limit bill in late April and Biden took nearly a month to show up to the table to negotiate the potential default crisis.

Nearing the eleventh hour, Speaker McCarthy and President Biden struck a deal. Members from both sides of the aisle voted for and against the deal,  but Pocan and Moore deserve awards for their displays of true hypocrisy for claiming others were responsible for pushing the federal government off a fiscal cliff and then voting NO.  Apparently, defaulting on the debt wasn’t as catastrophic as they made it out to be, and it would have been a lot more likely had they had their way. Both claimed their votes weren’t needed to pass a deal… But the votes of others were? This is quite the approach for members who were swinging at members of the only party to offer a deal or put in real efforts to negotiate. Pocan and Moore:  Hypocrites of the first order.