ICYMI: Biden Visits His Border Mess

MADISON, Wis — In case you missed it, President Biden is visiting the southern border today. This marks the latest effort by the White House to project a false image of stability and control all the while Joe Biden’s crisis spirals out of control.

Just how bad is the situation at the southern border? 

More than 176,205 illegal immigrants crossed the southern border this January. Of that total, 58 terror suspects, 8,523 unaccompanied children and 83,761 illegal immigrants from countries outside the Northern Triangle and Mexico were encountered at the border. And if all that was not bad enough,85 percent of illegal immigrants encountered at the border are now admitted into the United States.

Is it any wonder that the annual cost of the border crisis is now approaching half of a trillion dollars?

Bottom Line: Biden’s charade of seriousness will not fool Wisconsinites who are alarmed by the massive security breach at our southern border. Come November, they will restore common sense and order to our border and immigration system by sending Joe Biden packing.