ICYMI: Janet Protasiewicz gave no prison time to child abuser 

MADISON, Wis –  In case you missed it, Wisconsin Right Now exposed yet another sentence that Janet Protasiewicz would likely label as “appropriate.” #NoJailJanet is a soft-on-crime judge and cases like these make it abundantly clear why defund-the-police Democrats like Mandela Barnes have thrown their support behind her.

In this case, Janet Protasiewicz gave only nine months in work-release jail and probation to Alton Anthony Ithier, who was abusing his young children — ages 5, 8, and 10 — by beating them with a dog leash. The father was convicted of a Class I felony, on two counts of child abuse-recklessly cause harm.

Last time Protasiewicz was questioned about her weak sentences, she deemed them “fair” and “appropriate.” Protasiewicz’s soft-on-crime record is a glaring red flag for Wisconsin voters; no parent can fathom how a judge could sentence no prison time for a man intentionally abusing his small children. 

Read more from the Wisconsin Right Now below:

Janet Protasiewicz Gave Weak Sentence to Child Abuser Who Beat Kids With Dog Leash

Jessica McBride & Jim Piwowarczyk

Wisconsin Right Now

March 06, 2023

One child said her father “whooped” her with the dog leash.


But Protasiewicz, who has a history of soft sentences, stayed any prison time for Ithier, meaning he would not have to serve it unless he messed up again. She gave him nine months in work-release jail and probation, court records show.


According to the criminal complaint, a mother reported to City of Milwaukee Police that the father of her three children struck each child with a dog leash. The children were ages 10, 8, and 5.


The 8-year-old child told police that he came home with a note from their teacher and gave it to the defendant. The defendant became upset and struck the child multiple times with the dog leash, leaving contusions.

The 10-year-old child told police that the defendant struck her with a dog leash multiple times on the buttocks and legs, leaving bruises.

The 5-year-old child told police that the defendant struck her with a dog leash multiple times because she sprayed perfume, leaving bruises.