More Lies Surround 2022 Senate Democrats

[Madison, WI] – New York trust fund baby Alex Lasry is known for trotting after his daddy, accomplishing nothing and jumping the line for the COVID-19 vaccine before he was eligible. However this week, Urban Milwaukee reported that Alex Lasry is also a liar. While Lasry has bragged about the Milwaukee Bucks’ $15 minimum wage in an effort to position himself as a candidate for the little guy, Urban Milwaukee revealed that the $15-per-hour deal actually occurred despite the best efforts of Bucks executives like Lasry to shortchange workers on the deal they were originally promised.

According to a union official, negotiations “started off a little bit bumpy,” with union members being forced to protest and embarrass the Milwaukee Bucks at the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee in order to gain the $15 wage that Bucks executives originally agreed to support. As Urban Milwaukee notes, “Lasry and his campaign have portrayed him as a key figure handling negotiations over union jobs and a higher minimum wage. If so, he was involved as the team repeatedly resisted union demands.”

“Sarah Godlewski exaggerated her background, Mandela Barnes lied about graduating from college and now Alex Lasry is lying about his real record of trying to short change Wisconsin workers,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “The Democrats’ batch of Senate hopefuls is so unaccomplished that they have to fabricate their achievements.”