Democrats Ring in Crime Prevention Month With Public Safety Failures

[Madison, WI] – This October, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is proud to celebrate Crime Prevention Month as we thank the law enforcement officers and first responders who protect our communities. Meanwhile, Democrats instead protect the “woke” mob, violent criminals, and the far-left fringe — making Wisconsin families less safe. As a result, crime continues to rise in cities like Milwaukee and Madison following the “most deadly year in history.”

Over the past two years, Wisconsinites have suffered under the failed leadership of Democrats, including:

  • Joe Biden, whose refusal to visit the southern border or even acknowledge the crisis has caused a historic surge of over 1.2 million illegal migrants, crime spikes, and floods of COVID-positive illegal migrants into American communities
  • Tony Evers, who played politics with public safety in Kenosha, fanned the flames of violence, refused federal help, neglected to send the National Guard troops that local officials requested, and then lied about his record
  • Mandela Barnes, who so recklessly fanned the flames of violence in Kenosha that law enforcement begged him to stop tweeting
  • Josh Kaul, who defends convicted rapists, refuses to protect his own employees, and fails to address rises in human trafficking and crime

“Democrats will always leave Wisconsin families vulnerable to protect the ‘woke’ mob and the most radical members of their base,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Wisconsinites are less safe under Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, and Josh Kaul.”