Janet Protasiewicz’s Real Record

MADISON, Wis.It’s not overstepping to say that Janet Protasiewicz doesn’t defend women. Throughout the debate, Protasiewicz tried to harp on being pro-women, yet that’s not what her record shows. #NoJailJanet has sent a clear message to Wisconsin women and children by refusing to sentence violent criminals to a day in prison.

Protasiewicz said she’d “protect public safety,” but her record tells a different story

If Protasiewicz were the champion for women that she claims to be, then she wouldn’t have refused to lock up violent rapists. The everlasting impacts that rape can have on a survivor are well known. Protasiewicz is no advocate for women but an advocate for vile criminals. 

Protasiewicz doesn’t care about the safety of Wisconsin, and her record proves it.Wisconsin has seen spikes in crime, yet #NoJailJanet sees releasing these criminals onto our streets as common sense.

“Janet Protasiewicz’s pro-criminal agenda is disqualifying and dangerous; her sentences give Wisconsin voters a clear look at what her judicial philosophy looks like in action,” said WisGOP Spokesperson Rachel Reisner. “Protasiewicz has made so-called “women’s rights” the forefront of her campaign. In reality, Protasiewicz hands out “get-of-jail free cards” to violent rapists — ignoring the crippling effects and impact violent crimes have on young children and women.