Senate Dem Candidates Attack Corporate Money While Funding Their Campaigns With It

Wisconsin Democrats running for Senate are eager to blast corporate America while benefiting from its money at the same time. Here are the facts:

  • Mandela Barnes recently said “2021 was the most profitable year for corporate America since 1950” and “wealthy CEOs are making a fat profit by exploiting working Americans,” yet he accepted campaign donations from numerous corporate executives and leadership PACs funded by industry cash. 
  • Alex Lasry – a self-funder and recent stockholder of China-based firms – blasted Amazon and corporations on Twitter while he has hundreds of thousands in Amazon stock and no plans to sell them. 
  • Sarah Godlewski – another self-funder – went after pharmaceutical companies in a new ad, though she owned as much as $446,000 in pharmaceutical company stock less than a year ago.

It’s no wonder their primary opponent Tom Nelson called Barnes a flip-flopper, described Lasry as “another billionaire trying to win an election,” and asked of Godlewski, “Why is she so heavily invested in Big Pharma if she believes they are harming Wisconsinites? Do they make pills to cure irony?”

“The Democrat candidates are hypocrites.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella