Teachers Union Tony Evers’ Education Problem

[Madison, WI] – Today, Teachers Union Tony Evers joined national Democrats in adopting their doomed-to-fail 2022 strategy – throwing taxpayer money at issues while providing no ideas or solutions. While Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi lead the charge for their bloated wasteful spending plan in Washington, Evers dipped back into his taxpayer-funded reelection slush fund to designate more ARPA dollars to education, while continuing to ignore the vast learning loss that has hurt students under his leadership.

Despite over $5 billion in federal and state support added to Wisconsin’s education system in recent years, more funding is the only talking point that Evers can muster due to his abysmal record as self-proclaimed “education governor”:

  • According to DPI’s own data, English language arts proficiency is down by over 16 percent, math proficiency is down by over 20 percent, and just 8 percent of Black students are proficient in math
  • Evers denied additional funding to a school that serves special needs students
  • Students suffered from historic learning loss due to Evers’ refusal to help reopen schools, serving his teachers union donors instead of Wisconsin kids
  • Evers vetoed a bipartisan literacy bill
  • Evers tried to cap school choice enrollment, which would have denied students equal access to a quality education regardless of zip code

Meanwhile, Evers’ staff claims that “there’s metrics showing that we’re going in the right direction” on education. Either Evers and his team are delusional, or they believe that Wisconsin parents aren’t paying attention to the devastating impact of failed Democrat leadership.

“Tony Evers has adopted the same message that already failed for Democrats in Virginia: spend more, ignore parents, and kowtow to teachers unions,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “As students continue to struggle under Evers’ leadership, Wisconsin parents see past his empty rhetoric.”