What They’re Saying: Holiday Season Brings Democrat-Fueled Supply Chain Struggles

[Madison, WI] – After Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis made this Thanksgiving a “Thanksgiving of alternatives” for many, Wisconsinites are continuing to grapple with the impact of Joe Biden’s failed policies that have prompted a crippled supply chain and historic inflation.

Under Democrats, the American supply chain is under attack on all fronts — from vaccine mandates that are disrupting the transportation system to productivity-crushing workforce shortages. This holiday season, Wisconsinites are reminded of Democrats’ failed leadership as they confront rising prices at the pump, empty shelves at small businesses, and declining real wages — yet Democrats continue to push wasteful spending that will only exacerbate our country’s financial woes. 

Read what Wisconsin business owners are saying on the devastating impact of Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis:

Country Today: Agribusiness braces for shopping rush amid supply chain crisis

“We’re really struggling. It’s a nightmare and I don’t see it getting better any faster. I actually see it getting worse,” said Cindy Brown, president of Chippewa Valley Bean near Menomonie, one of the largest bean exporters in the world.

“Customers are waiting, but we can’t get the product to them. It’s everything, but, you know, you just do what you have to do to try and get the product in.”

NBC 26: Supply chain challenges: Northeast Wisconsin warehouses backed up

“The second part is finding the drivers to deliver that product or deliver it out and also the workers to supply and support the operations at the warehouses. We can go buy a building but finding the workers and drivers to operate it is probably one of the biggest challenges anyone is having right now,” Tielens said.

The Director of Driver Relations at WELS says the shortage of truck drivers has caused the ripple effect too.

“Although while you may be seeing a ship in a harbor somewhere. That comes full circle. And as a transportation and warehousing provider. There’s product that has to be moved, it has to be stored by us in warehousing. Everything that moves in this country is moved in a truck in some sort of fashion,” said Todd Svetlovics.

Cap Times: How will supply chain issues affect holiday shopping in Madison?

From the back room of Arcadia Books in Spring Green, manager Nancy Baenen has a front row seat to what Vox has called “the great book shortage of 2021.” Last year’s wood shortages made paper hard to come by. Ink is in short supply too. Printing presses were overwhelmed years before the pandemic, and now they’re struggling to find workers. 


Even the little café inside the bookstore can’t get the concentrate for its chai lattes because the manufacturer can’t get plastic bottles. “It’s just kind of wacky, all this stuff that we didn’t know we were so reliant upon,” Baenen said.

Appleton Post-Crescent: Looking for deer hunting ammo? Here’s how Wisconsin shops and hunters are handling the shortages

Hunters who haven’t found ammo for this year’s gun deer season might need to get creative or pay inflated prices online. 

“I’d say the key phrase for people right now is desperation,” said Justin Gaiche, owner of Chase Outdoors in Rothschild. “There are a lot of people who are having to make decisions on whether they’re going to use a different gun, or borrow from family, or go out there with four shells instead of 20.”

Gun store workers and hunters said it has been the most difficult year to find ammo in more than a decade.

Spectrum 1: Wisconsin wineries work through supply chain sour grapes

“At some point through the last year to year-and-half we have run into an issue on every level,” said Bilwin, who is general manager of von Stiehl Winery in Algoma. “It’s either adhesives for labels or labelers not being able to get paper stock, which has delayed some of the labels. Bottles sitting in the LA harbor that just aren’t getting unloaded so they get to us maybe a month, two months or six months later than when we need it.”

Along with delays on some hard goods, like bottles,  the winery is also facing higher costs and exponential increases in shipping for the west coast grapes it uses in conjunction with Wisconsin varieties.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Local shops ready for Small Business Saturday, say their shelves are stocked

This is not the year to wait until the last minute to find that perfect toy for holiday gifting. Retailers are navigating a holiday shopping season that’s expected to be busier than years past and complicated by shipping and global supply chain delays. 

In previous years, Poulson didn’t start ordering for the holidays until June. Because he had heard about shipping delays and supply chain challenges, Poulson placed his first orders for the 2021 holiday season in January to keep his 2,400-square-foot store stocked.