Tony Evers’ Liberal Maps Commission Ignores Voting Rights Act

[Madison, WI] – Yesterday, Tony Evers’ so-called “People’s” Maps Commission released their nine preliminary maps. Unfortunately, the purportedly “nonpartisan” Commission that actually largely consists of Democrats ignored the historic Voting Rights Act of 1965, which ensures that minority Americans are not disenfranchised, and vaguely promised to take it into account later. This resulted in the destruction of numerous districts that ensure that minority Wisconsinites are provided fair representation.

In response, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Paul Farrow:

“The fact that Tony Evers’ ‘People’s Maps Commission’ discards the Voting Rights Act reminds Wisconsinites that Evers doesn’t want fair maps. He wants maps that help Democrats, and he’s willing to discard our nation’s civil rights laws to get there.”