WisGOP Statement on Madison Vaccine Mandate for Poll Workers

[Madison, WI] – Earlier this week, the City of Madison announced a vaccine mandate for poll workers — just two weeks before the November 30th deadline for county party officials to submit poll worker names ahead of 2022 elections. The City of Madison’s decision to unilaterally impose new requirements is a departure from our election laws and a dangerous slippery slope, and it should sound alarms for any Wisconsinite concerned about election integrity and fairness in our democratic process.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Paul Farrow:

“This week, Madison has again decided to use fear to circumvent election integrity. Mandating vaccines for poll workers, at a time when even the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s decision to limit Special Voting Deputies is being challenged in the courts, is only meant to restrict the public from realizing fair and open elections.

“This is a prime example of shady behavior from election officials that sows distrust in the democratic process, and we are evaluating options to ensure that the City of Madison cannot further damage voter confidence.”