Wisconsin Democrats Sweep Declining Math and Reading Scores Under the Rug; Wisconsin Republicans Take Action

MADISON, Wis – Wisconsin students’ declining standardized test scores have been a major focus for Wisconsin Republicans who are prioritizing improving Wisconsin schools — data last fall revealed that fewer than half of Wisconsin students are proficient in English language and mathematics —  after Wisconsin Democrats’ kowtowed to Teachers Unions’, allowing school closures and excessive remote learning.  


A new study released this week by the National Center for Education Statistics highlights plummeting test scores of middle schoolers’; with the average math score declining 9 points and the average reading score declining 4 points. The study also shows elementary school scores plunged to lowest recorded levelssince the late 70s and 90s.   


Once again, Republicans are tasked with cleaning up after the devastating consequences of Democrats’ policies — lockdowns and failed leadership. Following Biden’s suit, Tony Evers allowed schools to shut down and put the wishes of teachers unions before the needs of our students. Meanwhile, Governor Tony Evers continues to claim Wisconsin schools offered top notch education, deliberately ignoring piling evidence and cratering test scores.


Luckily for Wisconsin students, Republicans scored a big win in the 2023-2025 state budget: $1 billion K-12 increase, major funding increases for choice schools, $30 million more for school mental health and nearly $100 million more for special education. Republicans are also setting aside $50 million for new reading initiatives

“While Tony Evers is patting himself on the back for the Republican proposed education agreement, it’s important to remember how we got here, ” said WisGOP Spokesperson Rachel Reisner. “Republicans are prioritizing education and trying to fix a broken system brought on by the Democrats’ costly crusade which allowed the Wisconsin teachers union to lock down schools — leading to significant learning loss, lower test scores and comprehension, along with increased anxiety and depression among Wisconsin students.”