WisGOP Statement on Tammy Baldwin’s Re-Election Bid Announcement

Madison, Wis… The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement following the Tammy Baldwin’s re-election bid announcement:

“The Biden-Baldwin ticket will be on the hot seat with Wisconsin voters, in a state where four of the last six presidential elections were decided by less than 1% and Biden’s approval ratings are upside down. Baldwin has a lot of explaining to do after voting in lockstep with Joe Biden’s unpopular agenda over 95% of the time, complete with its inflationary spending that has pushed our economy to the tipping point.” — WisGOP Communications Director Rachel Reisner 

On Background:

  • Baldwin has a Biden problem. Biden’s approval numbers show he is in hot water — according to CNN, ⅔ of Americans say Biden doesn’t deserve to be reelected in 2024.