Jill Karofsky’s Allies Exploit Tragedy in Milwaukee to Attack Justice Kelly

March 3, 2020

[Madison, WI] – Jill Karofsky’s allies were quick to try to exploit the tragic events that occurred in Milwaukee last week for political gain. Now, they are trying to use the tragedy to attack Justice Daniel Kelly and law-abiding gun owners across Wisconsin.

Just hours after the shooting, Democrats like Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes were quick to politicize the heinous crimes in Milwaukee. Before having all the facts, Democrats attempted to blame Republicans for the shooting citing Republican opposition to controversial red-flag laws. Now, Jill Karofsky’s Democrat allies are trying to equate law-abiding gun owners—who go to a gun range to practice how to better protect themselves and their families—to vicious killers who senselessly murder innocent people.

Make no mistake, such a disgusting attack on Justice Daniel Kelly and his supporters is an attack on all the law-abiding gun owners of our state. By launching such a distasteful attack, Karofsky’s allies apparently believe responsible gun-owners and mass murderers are one and the same.

Attempts to tie Justice Daniel Kelly and supporters of the Second Amendment to the shooting in Milwaukee demonstrate that there is no low that Jill Karofsky and her allies won’t stoop to for political gain. Under no circumstance should law-abiding citizens who legally exercise their rights to bear arms be blamed in any way for the tragic events that occurred in Milwaukee.

Jill Karofsky has already made it clear that she will not respect our Second Amendment rights if elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Karofsky has previously called for gun control and believes the Constitution allows limiting our possession of firearms. Democrats are lining up to support Jill Karofsky because they know she supports limiting our Second Amendment rights and will use the Wisconsin Supreme Court as a vehicle to achieve her goal.

What’s more, Jill Karofsky has made it clear through her numerous light sentences that she has no interest in protecting Wisconsin families in her current role as a trial court judge. Just recently, Karofsky let a nurse convicted of abusing babies off easy. In the past, Jill Karofsky has also let brutal murderers, serial child sex offenders, and other dangerous criminals off with a slap on the wrist.