WisDems Convention: Turn Wisconsin into Illinois

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Democrats are gathering in Milwaukee this weekend for their 2024 WisDem State Convention. 

If anyone is uncertain as to what WisDemocrats are offering voters this November, look no further than the Wisconsin Democrats’ keynote speaker Governor J.B. Pritzker. 

During his tenure as Governor of Illinois, Pritzker hammered working families by doubling the tax on gasoline and pushing an $800 million tax hike. He also signed a sweeping executive order that diverted taxpayer money to paying for the housing and healthcare of undocumented immigrants.

It is also worth noting that the Wisconsin Democrats gave Pritzker a shoutout for his millions in campaign donations when they announced he would speak at the convention.

“The Wisconsin Democrats have sent a clear message with their choice of J.B. Pritzker as the keynote speaker at their convention. Their ultimate aim is to turn Wisconsin into Illinois by satisfying the demands of their out-of-state donors,” said WisGOP Spokesperson Matt Fisher. 

Senator Tammy Baldwin will also speak at the convention. No doubt her record of accommodating Iran and Hamas will serve her well at a convention that blatantly ignores the hostages kidnapped during the October 7th attacks.  

“Tammy Baldwin has repeatedly sided with the pro-Hamas wing of her party, even endorsing the Biden Administration’s plan to import unvetted, pro-Hamas refugees to the United States,” said NRSC Spokesman Tate Mitchell. When will Baldwin stand up to the radical fringe Democrats and support Jewish Wisconsinites?”

Bottom Line: At the end of the day, all Wisconsin Democrats have to offer voters is more dysfunction and less freedom. In other words, they want to turn Wisconsin into Illinois.